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Are You Half Empty or Half Full?

  Romans 13: 11-14 Are you half full or half empty? Is your soul and spirit half full or half empty?  Do you perceive your life to be in or out of God’s will?  I don’t believe anyone likes that “empty” feeling but when we cannot seem to find the real thing that makes us […]

Caregiver’s Stress

Being a caregiver of a parent with Alzheimer’s or any related dementia can be difficult and challenging.  It can drain us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Often times feelings of anger and resentment can set in.  Caring for our elderly parents is quite overwhelming.  We try to offer the best possible care and make sacrifices for […]

You are NOT crazy!

Often times when people think of therapy the first thing that comes to mind is “crazy”.   Seeking therapy is not about being “crazy” it’s about taking care of our minds and emotions.  Furthermore, mental illness is a sickness, which needs treatment, just like a medical problem.  Some may say that they do not want people […]