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You are NOT crazy!

Often times when people think of therapy the first thing that comes to mind is “crazy”.   Seeking therapy is not about being “crazy” it’s about taking care of our minds and emotions.  Furthermore, mental illness is a sickness, which needs treatment, just like a medical problem.  Some may say that they do not want people telling them what to do.  It’s not a therapist job to give advice but to help people sort things out and explore options  to develop solutions.    During therapy, a therapist and client work together to find the best solution.

Sometimes we may get stuck in a rut or have difficulty with daily functioning. We may need to talk to someone with an objective view.    A therapist can challenge negative thought patterns and help people along the healing process.  Therapists can offer a different perspective of a situation.

Everyone suffers from a mental illness which may range from mild to sever, such as depression.   Seeking help to learn how to better cope with life’s challenges is not anything to be ashamed of.  It is to be admired.  Seeking therapy is taking responsibility and making a commitment to change for the better.   Seeking help does not make you weak, it makes you stronger as a person for finding ways to make your life more fulfilling for you.   There is nothing wrong with seeking out more support when you need it.  It’s one of the best decisions you can make. Take care of you!

Arlinda D. Lindsay, M.Div, LCSW, LCAC



One comment on “You are NOT crazy!

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I recently started seeing a therapist and it’s greatly affected me. I feel like I’m finally confronting parts of myself that have been carefully closed off and ignored for years.

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