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Are You Half Empty or Half Full?


Romans 13: 11-14

Are you half full or half empty? Is your soul and spirit half full or half empty?  Do you perceive your life to be in or out of God’s will?  I don’t believe anyone likes that “empty” feeling but when we cannot seem to find the real thing that makes us feel alive and full, we load ourselves up with false fillers. It is those false fillers that leave us with a temporary fullness that will eventually leave us dry, empty, frustrated, busted, and disgusted.  Some common filler that leaves us with a false sense of fullness are: money, material things, drugs, sex, control, pride, power & prestige.

Paul tells us that we must understand the present time, wake up, and clothe ourselves with Jesus. We need to be aware and know what is going on. Life is short.  We do not know when our time is up on this earth, and we do not know when Christ is coming. It is time to WAKE UP and find out what truth is and what is not.  We must wake up from our slumber and realize where we are. We need to understand that we live in a world that is hostile to the things of God. The values of society are not the values of the Kingdom of God. We need to understand that this world is not our home. We have to wake up and be alert and not be deceived by the tricks of the enemy.

The enemy will give us the wrong perception about our walk with God. The enemy will deceive you into worshiping idols and filling your spirit and soul on the wrong things. It is time to wake up and avoid filling up on false fillers.  Wake up and examine your life. Is your life half empty, half full, or is it filled to the top?

True fillers come from the Holy Spirit. Clothe yourself with Jesus early in the morning and you will be well-dressed all day long. Ask the holy-spirit to help you reach your full potential of faith and devotion.  Be filled with the spirit and you will not go wrong


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