What tune do you dance to?  What tune did your love one use to groove to?  Music is relaxing and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can greatly benefit from it.

Research shows that  music has a positive impact and act as a calming agent. For example, playing soft music can help foster sleep.  Music therapy reduces agitation by altering how individuals perceive noise. Music therapy can help enrich the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease and can be done in the home by family members and caregivers.

Music offers a way for family members to reconnect with their loved ones. Music stirs memories, emotions, and encourages group activity. Try to identify music that’s familiar and enjoyable.  It could be gospel, country, jazz, classical, or whatever your loved ones enjoys.  Try to use live music, tapes or CDs because Radio stations interrupted by too many commercials can cause confusion.  Link music with other reminiscent activities; use photographs to help stir memories.

Encourage dancing, hand clapping, etc.  This physical activity is a way to get exercise.   Music can help individuals with Alzheimer’s disease  interpret his or her environment, which may lessen any fear or agitation. So, consider incorporating Music Therapy as a part of your caregiving regime.

Arlinda Lindsay, LSCW, LCAC


3 comments on “MUSIC THERAPY

  1. Arlinda! I love that you are promoting music therapy when you are not a music therapist! That just shows how committed you are to your clients – encouraging them to seek whatever services best support their own needs! Great example of selflessness!

  2. Thank you Tamara! Music therapy really can generative positive results.

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