Christian Meditation

Embrace Your Authentic Self

Do you embrace your true authentic self?   Or, do you hide behind a mask suffering silently from past hurts, pains, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse.  Some folk have allowed their past to define who they are.  Their minds have been contaminated with harsh name calling, lies, and deceit.  Experiencing undesirable circumstances in life may cause […]

Willpower Is Not Enough

Willpower sure sounds like a wonderful thing.  We are often told that if we have enough willpower we will be able to fight off every trial, challenge, and temptation that comes our way.   At times it may work, yet, it may not work.  Willpower can be our best friend when thing go well, but this […]

Get Out of Your Own Way!

In the game of life it may seem as if we are dealt a bad hand and have to play it the best way we can. Often time we lose while the winner takes all. We may blame the dealer for dealing us such a bad hand. But, is it really the dealer’s fault or […]

Are You Half Empty or Half Full?

  Romans 13: 11-14 Are you half full or half empty? Is your soul and spirit half full or half empty?  Do you perceive your life to be in or out of God’s will?  I don’t believe anyone likes that “empty” feeling but when we cannot seem to find the real thing that makes us […]