Embrace Your Authentic Self

Do you embrace your true authentic self?   Or, do you hide behind a mask suffering silently from past hurts, pains, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse.  Some folk have allowed their past to define who they are.  Their minds have been contaminated with harsh name calling, lies, and deceit.  Experiencing undesirable circumstances in life may cause […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

If you want to make progress in your personal development, It is crucial to keep the proper mindset. Negative thinking will only slow your progress in that department and may thwart your best efforts. Practice positive thinking to achieve positive results. When you stay positive about all that you do, great things will follow. You […]

Fight Off Depression

It’s very easy to get depressed especially during one of the happiest times of the year, the holiday season. Fighting off depression is quite easy but it does take some work. It can make appreciating the good parts of life hard, while making it easy to focus on the bad. So what can you do […]

Willpower Is Not Enough

Willpower sure sounds like a wonderful thing.  We are often told that if we have enough willpower we will be able to fight off every trial, challenge, and temptation that comes our way.   At times it may work, yet, it may not work.  Willpower can be our best friend when thing go well, but this […]

Keep it Positive!

Our thoughts affect our mood and behaviors.  If our thoughts are negative then we will most likely feel depressed and sad.  Likewise, if our thoughts are positive we will most likely feel uplifted and happy.  So, it’s important to manage our thoughts and focus on the positive.   Try reciting positive affirmations on a daily basis […]